New Fathers 4 Justice STOP THE WAR OR DADS Timpson

Fathers Day Dads protest the Cheshire home of Edward Timpson MP.

The trio Fathers Day Dads Bobby Smith, Les Culshaw, James Dennis descended on the exclusive Cheshire home of Edward Timpson MP, Minister for children following his failure to engage with contact deprived fathers during this emotional time. The protest was also attended by other members of the group along with local residents who showed their interest as to why the event was taking place.



A peaceful protest to highlight the lack of MP intervention to assist alienated and contact denied fathers. There is little point in an MP having a prominent role if they simply sit back, do nothing or appear to be complicit in this form of abuse. MP’s who don’t have time to see or meet with fathers by appointment may find out that fathers will make the MP an appointment with them via lawful protest.

Edward Timpson Protest.jpg

Heavy Police response was there within minutes from all directions due to the recent sad incident involving Jo Cox MP. This response clearly demonstrated the new measures that had been put in place by Cheshire police who remained present throughout the days event. No arrests were made and complements were exchanged for good conduct by all those present at the event.
Well done Cheshire Police for appropriate policing and 10/10 in your response time and new safety measures for MP’s.