A Warwick PPE student abseiled down St Paul’s Cathedral in protest of father’s rights

Warwick student, Rhal Ssan, climbed St Paul’s Cathedral in demonstration against father’s rights this weekend.

The climb, in association with New Fathers 4 Justice, was to protest the state of father’s rights in the UK.


The second year PPE student said: “My primary motivation was to bring awareness to the plight of children and fathers at the hands of the family courts system.

“A lot of children after a divorce or separation don’t get to see one of their parents, usually the father, as the courts deny access.

“Roughly 200 children are taken away by the family court’s every day from one of both parents. This must stop.”

The topic is extremely close to Rhal’s heart, as he didn’t see his father for almost 10 years.


The four activists abseiled down the London landmark at around 4pm, before unveiling the purple banner in front of huge crowds. The banners read “Pray for Children” and “Family Court Hell”.

The group remained at the cathedral well into the evening, ahead of a planned candlelit vigil.

Rhal continued: “I stayed up there for approximately four hours, coming down at around 7/8pm.

“I do feel it was a success, although not everything we planned occurred successfully.”